New apprenticeship targets to be unveiled.

Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn has set out details of the Scottish Government’s new apprenticeship delivery targets, as part of the Developing the Young Workforce parliamentary debate.
The debate will mark the halfway point of the Developing the Young Workforce strategy; a seven year programme to provide and promote vocational training options, equipping more young people for employment.
The Scottish Government achieved the headline target of reducing youth unemployment by 40% by 2021 in October last year, four years ahead of schedule.
Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Hepburn said:
“Although we have recorded excellent progress against the aims of the Development the Young Workforce strategy, achieving the programme’s headline target four years ahead of schedule, we want to do more.
“It is important we respond to the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead, and maintain momentum and as we drive forward further progress.  This is a particularly timely opportunity given the prevailing economic turbulence.
“This is why I will be taking this opportunity to set out our apprenticeships targets for the coming year, and be giving further details about changes to the rural supplement.”
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