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Population Taskforce set up to tackle demographic challenges

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Scotland’s demographic challenges are to be tackled by a new 'Population Taskforce'.

Scottish Government ministers from across multiple portfolios will plan how to ensure Scotland’s population supports communities and drives sustainable economic growth for the whole country.


The taskforce, chaired by Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs Angus Robertson, is being setup immediately to discuss the current labour shortages in hospitality, distribution, social care, construction, food production, agriculture and tourism.


The Population Taskforce is tasked with delivering the vision of a population programme to make communities across Scotland attractive places to live, work, bring up families and to move to, so that Scotland’s population profile provides a platform for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


Information on the Taskforce has been published on the Scottish Government website:  Population Taskforce - (

Population Taskforce set up to tackle demographic challenges