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Real Living Wage rises to £9.90 an hour

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

More than 300,000 people working for employers who have voluntarily signed up to the Real Living Wage are getting a pay boost of 40p to £9.90 an hour.

This is not to be confused with the compulsory National Living Wage, which is currently £8.91 an hour for anyone over the age of 23.


Real Living Wage employers in London will pay £11.05 an hour, a 20p rise.


Almost 9,000 employers throughout the country have signed up to the policy - 3,000 of them during the pandemic.


The latest employers to join include housebuilders Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes, Fujitsu, food delivery company Getir and outsourcing firm Capita.


Companies already accredited include half of the FTSE 100 and big household names such as Everton Football Club, insurer Aviva, luxury goods brand Burberry and the Nationwide building society.


The recommended rate is intended to ensure all staff earn a wage that meets the real cost of living and covers everyday needs.


At the UK Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the National Living Wage will increase next year by 6.6%, to £9.50 an hour. The Universal Credit taper rate will also be cut, allowing claimants to keep more of the payment.

Real Living Wage rises to £9.90 an hour